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This course teaches students how to develop Java applications. Topics covered include the Java programming language syntax, OOPS programming using Java, exception handling, file input/output, threads, collection classes, and networking Read More…


The program equips individuals with latest knowledge in testing domain enabling them to excel in their IT career. He needs to find out the expectations of an user from the software, understand the creation method of the software. Read More…


It owes much of its initial popularity to the most intense marketing campaign ever mounted for a programming language. From its initial commercial debut onward, Java was marketed as radically different from, and better than, all other languages.


The course fully covers the basics of programming in the “C,C++” programming language and presents the fundamental notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming Read More…


The goal for all first-time student is to take the initial steps from the development world toward becoming a closer. For most student professionals, developing yourself into a closer is a journey, but for a select group, that have the natural ability to close, what comes next? Read More…


We started training in Android right from when the first version was launched. Today, Android has taken the first place amongst smartphones.Mobile is one and only technology which will rule the future of software Read More…

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A training platform which will give you a seamless entry into the IT industry? Enhancing your skill set, as part of your career development?. Founded in 2005, Stark America Inc has been a leading international Company in USA.





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